At Goodtech, we will contribute to a more sustainable society by offering solutions and services that enable our customers to reduce their environmental impact and footprint. This is our most important and lasting environmental contribution. At the same time, we will work actively to reduce the environmental impact of our own business, and ensure that we comply with current legal requirements. Through this, Goodtech makes a positive contribution to safeguarding the external environment and adds value to society through our core business.

In our work to contribute to a more sustainable society, we build on the UN's sustainability goals. The sustainability goals that are most relevant to Goodtech's business are related to clean water, clean energy, industry, innovation and infrastructure, and stopping climate change.

Goodtech contributes to increasing customers' value creation by developing products and systems that increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and provide the least possible environmental impact. This applies, for example, to large energy consumers in industry, when building energy production plants for renewable energy and plants for purifying drinking water, process and wastewater.