A lot has happened since our beginning in 1913. We have evolved from horses, carts and steamboats to cars and space shuttles. From a time without computers, telephones, TV and radio to a society where we are constantly online.

When ​​the brothers Alf Wold-Snilsberg and Thomas Wold established Norsk Elektrisk kababelabrikk, the business idea was that the future would be electrified, work processes would be automated and that technology would create a simpler and better everyday life. Little did they know that these thoughts are as alive today as they were then.

More than 100 years of innovation and development - YouTube

The company has over time had various strategic focus areas, from the production of electrical cables, to a period of being a company only within environmental technology. From the middle of the 2000s, a strategic core in automation and industrial technology was established in addition to the environmental technology.

In 2010, the business expanded to also apply to electrical installation and power projects through the merger with the Swedish company EIAB.

In recent years, Goodtech has seen the need to realign a clearer strategic focus on technology, and it  was decided  to sell the installation business in Sweden.

Goodtech is today a technology supplier within automation, industrial technology and environmental technology where and works with everything from consultant-based services to turnkey contracts in these disciplines.

The future is both electric and automated, and after more than 100 years, we continue to deliver innovative technology to our customers. We help to make work processes better, streamline their everyday lives and contribute to sustainability, whether it is in industry, process deliveries or environmental solutions.