Health, safelty and environment

Goodtech has established HSE policies and objectives that reflect the values ​​on which the group is based. Our objectives and existential criteria are part of the company's management system and are available to all employees. At Goodtech, we are proud to work in compliance with a zero vision for injuries and accidents.

HSE has the highest priority at Goodtech and therefore our zero vision for injuries and accidents is the most important goal we have. We believe that all accidents can be avoided by working purposefully to establish good routines, ensure compliance and not least ensure continuous improvement in accordance with established requirements and development goals. We emphasize preventive work and continuous improvement through reporting and follow-up of adverse events

Goodtech conducts regular satisfaction surveys and employee interviews, and our Norwegian and Swedish operations are certified through Great Place to Work®. This certification means that Goodtech, through the employees' feedback, is recognized as a company with a trusting and high-performance workplace culture. Any improvements and changes are therefore assessed on an ongoing basis and implemented in the regions.