Board of Directors and Corporate Management

Here you can get to know Goodtech's board of directors and corporate management

Board of Directors

  • Mimi K. Berdal

    Mimi K. Berdal

    Chairman of the Board and chairman of the compensation committee

    Berdal has a law degree from the University of Oslo. Since 2005, she has been self-employed with a focus on investments in start-ups and established companies, strategic advice and negotiations as well as teaching assignments.

    Berdal has previously worked as a lawyer and partner in Arntzen de Besche and has also worked in the Nordic Institute of Maritime Law and in TOTAL Norway. Berdal has broad board experience and is a board member of a number of Norwegian listed companies. She is also the chair of the nomination committee in Borregaard ASA.

  • Åge Westbø

    Åge Westbø

    Board member and member of the Audit Committee

    Westbø has a degree in economics from BI / NHH and has over 35 years of experience from the financial industry in Europe. Westbø was co-founder and former Deputy CEO of SKAGEN AS.

    He is currently working chairman of the board of Westknight AS and Westhawk AS and exercises active ownership and advice in invested companies as well as through board positions several companies in various industries.

  • Karl-Erik Staubo

    Karl-Erik Staubo

    Board member and chairman of the audit committee

    Staubo has a master's degree in economics and a master's degree in international management from the United States. He is the general manager of Holmen Industri AS, and is chairman and board member of several companies in Norway and the Nordic countries. Staubo has experience from leading positions in fund brokerage, fund management and investment companies. 

  • Vibeke Strømme

    Vibeke Strømme

    Board member and member of the Audit Committee

    Strømme has a master's degree in engineering from NTNU and an MBA from IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. She is now an independent consultant, and has previously worked as CEO of Kiwa Norway.

    Strømme has broad management experience, mainly in energy and infrastructure in Norwegian and international companies. She has held a number of board positions in various industries.

  • Frode Haugli

    Frode Haugli

    Board member and member of the compensation committee

    Haugli has a degree in Business Administration from the Norwegian Academy of Commerce, with additional education from Henley, The Management College.

    He has broad management experience and has held a number of leading positions in Norwegian and international IT companies, including as CEO of Software Innovation ASA, as well as General Manager for HP Norway and HP Northern Europe. Haugli is currently an independent consultant and has since 2010 primarily worked with board work.

  • Thomas Bordvik

    Thomas Bordvik

    Board member and employee representative

    Bordvik has a degree in engineering (Bachelor of Engineering, Cybernetics) from Oslo University College, and works as a Tech-lead Security at Goodtech in Oslo.

    Bordvik is one of the employees' representatives on the board.

  • Malte Svensson

    Malte Svensson

    Board member and employee representative

    Svensson has a degree in mechanical engineering, and works as head of Mechanics at Goodtech Solutions AB in Karlstad.

    Svensson is one of the employees' representatives on the board.

Corporate Management

  • Margrethe Hauge

    Margrethe Hauge


    Hauge has a master's degree in economics from the University of Mannheim, Germany and took over as CEO in 2021. She has been CEO of TekniskBureau AS and Regional Director for the Nordic region at MRC Global Inc. Hauge also has broad industrial management experience from aquaculture, agriculture, maritime industry as well as oil service, and has held leading positions in TTS Group ASA and Kverneland Group ASA.

    Hauge is a board member of Borregaard ASA and Mesta AS, and she is deputy chair of the board and chair of the audit committee in Salmar ASA.

  • Øyvind Osjord

    Øyvind Osjord


    Osjord has a master's degree in economics from the University of Edinburgh and comes from the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) in the waste and recycling group SAR AS, where he helped lead the company's restructuring and restructuring.

    He has a background in private equity and as part of the investment team in HitecVision, and was then CFO of the industrial investment company Roxel Group with activities in transport, electrical and automation, aquaculture and pumping technology.

  • Magne Reierson

    Magne Reierson


    Reierson has a master's degree in cybernetics from the university of Telemark, and has further education in mathematics from the University of Oslo. He has extensive experience with operations, sales and marketing within automation and robotics, including from Umoe, and later Cronus Engineering AS, which is now part of Goodtech ASA.

    In Goodtech, Magne has held roles as head of sales and marketing, director for Norway, and now as COO.

  • Magnus Aleksander Due

    Magnus Aleksander Due


    Due started as Project Engineer Automation for Goodtech in Fredrikstad in March 2018. In 2019, Due was given responsibility for Goodtech's digital venture - Goodtech Digital Solutions. He has been central in the development of WizX, and has a broad field of expertise in digitalisation.

    He also has broad experience from jobs within automation and has previously worked with automation at Nordic Paper.

  • Erling Gresvoll Olsen

    Erling Gresvoll Olsen


    Olsen has an electrical background and further education from BI and Høgskulen på Vestlandet (bachelor's level). Olsen is currently taking an Executive Master of Business Administration at the University of Stavanger.

    He started in April 2022 as Chief Service Officer and came from the position of Vice President Onshore & Industry in Moreld Life-cycle (TekniskBureau AS and Karsten Moholt AS).

    Olsen has a long and varied background from large project/service organizations across geographical locations where business development and operations have been central tasks.