Service and after sales

Preventive maintenance through long-term planning is becoming more and more important. Goodtech has therefore established service and after sales as a separate business area.

Goodtech has a long history of solid product and solution deliveries that have given our loyal (kun disse?) customers great value. With good and experienced engineers who are both responsive and flexible, our customers will always experience 24/7 service, and that is why we now also put this important work into a system through the creation of a new business area.

Maintenance costs and downtime are becoming increasingly important for our customers, and we see great potential for reduction in Nordic industry today. A given system's operating time is maximized through sound maintenance strategy and coordination of service intervals.

By offering good tools for planning service intervals, replacements, improvements, load and downtime, it will be easier for our customers to reap the benefits of investing in good maintenance. That's what Goodtech is all about - making customers' operations smarter, cheaper, more sustainable - safer.