Robotized Solutions

When companies have repetitive and time-consuming work tasks, or tasks that are performed where the processes are unfavorable for people to work in, robotization can be the solution

Goodtech offers solutions that simplify everyday life for operators and provide efficiency gains for our customers. At Goodtech, we offer a wide range of in-house developed and partner-driven technologies and customized solutions, which are adapted to the customer's needs for automation of production. We take care of the entire process - from feasibility studies and simulations to construction, installation, service and maintenance. Goodtech supplies complete robotic production lines and special machines to the manufacturing industry. We work closely with the industry's best suppliers of standard components that contribute to cost-effective solutions.

Goodtech also offers complete solutions for robot package solutions with a selection of different robot sizes and types. Under the brand name Portabulk®, Goodtech delivers complete robotic systems for handling, controlling and logistics of bulk materials. With flexible, efficient solutions for filling, marking, transport and storage, Goodtech can optimize the entire distribution chain - from the intake of raw materials to the delivery of packaged goods to the end customer.

Examples of solutions

Goodtech supplies complete production lines, assembly lines, robot cells, test rigs and special machines to the manufacturing industry. As an independent system supplier, we use as many standard components as possible and offer cost-effective solutions adapted to the customer's needs.

We provide solutions and services for production lines to most industries, such as the engineering industry, the automotive industry, oil & gas, the wood processing industry and the process industry.

Goodtech's packaging machines are stable and flexible, and space requirements and gentle product handling are always important parameters. The machine automatically packs consumer-packaged goods in boxes and further on pallets for distribution - and is delivered every year to several segments in the food industry in the Nordic region. Changing and adapting the machine can be readily adapted to suit a range of customer requirements - and makes it usable for most food and beverage production factories.

Robovacc is a fully automatic machine for vaccinating farmed fish. The product has been developed in collaboration with Pharmaq Fishteq - one of the world's leading companies in vaccines and innovation aimed at the aquaculture industry. The product consists of four robots that can vaccinate up to eight fish per second. This provides a fast, quality-assured and effective vaccination of fish without human intervention.

PORTABULK® Fully-Automated Bagger (FAB) is a product for fully automatic large bag filling. The system can be used for a wide range of powdered or granulated free-flowing materials such as corn, fertilizers, feeds, foods, minerals, and chemicals. The solution is delivered all over the world - from Bergneset and Myre in northern Norway to Perth and Tasmania in Australia.