Operational support

Data from production systems through SCADA, MES and IMS systems is becoming increasingly mission critical. Through access to data, good analysis tools and good IT security, one can better meet tomorrow's challenges.

Goodtech has extensive experience in operating these types of systems for our customers. We ensure regularity and quality through early detection of any problems and 24/7 service arrangements to solve challenges. Our security team receives automatic notifications and can quickly address challenges before there are operational problems in your facility. Together with our customers, we also take care of Cyber Security and security of your production data.

Through Goodtech operational support, our customers have less downtime and higher production. We are there for your employees and help our customers get more value from their data. In addition to ensuring daily operations, our customers also have access to qualified personnel to make changes to their systems. Our engineers have extensive industry experience and understand your needs. We have expertise in the setup and operation of many SW solutions and can also assist with tailor-made solutions for your company.

We are happy to collaborate with your existing IT operations partner and ensure a seamless transition between IT and OT operations for your business.