Environmental Systems

Goodtech delivers products and tailor-made solutions for wastewater treatment, purification for drinking water and recycling of industrial and process water

In addition we deliver energy recovery provided from wastewater and biosubstrates, and the construction of all or parts of biogas plants. Our environmental technology is delivered to both industrial and municipal customers with Sweden as our main market, but also with deliveries to other countries in the Nordic region - including Norway. Goodtech is the market leader in selected areas and works closely with both customers and suppliers to ensure savings and efficiencies in both cost and footprint. Goodtech also delivers projects to other environmentally oriented businesses such as offshore wind, district heating and waste incineration with the same competence base as in the other environmental deliveries.

The market showed high demand for Goodtech's services within environmental systems in 2021, and Goodtech commissioned IVAR's water treatment plant at Langevatn in Gjesdal municipality, one of Norway's largest water treatment plants which supplies 9 municipalities with drinking water.