Portabulk® Systems

Under its well-known Portabulk® brand name, Goodtech supplies complete systems for bulk materials’ handling, management and logistics.

With flexible, efficient solutions for filling, conveyance, marking, transport and storage Goodtech can optimise the entire distribution chain - from raw materials’ intake to delivering packed goods to the end customer.

The Portabulk® System is based on integrating proven filling and handling technology with the single-loop, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC), is adaptable for use with a wide variety of free-flowing bulk materials.

Having customers in most parts of the world, Goodtech has delivered over 160 dedicated equipment projects to leading producers of chemicals, plastics, minerals, fish and animal feeds, fertiliser, salt and similar bulk materials.

In order to satisfy varying customer requirements, the Portabulk® System is both modular and customizable. The Portabulk® System, based on the single-loop FIBC, provides customers with enhanced capacity utilisation, more flexible logistics and lower transport costs.

Working for more than 30 years in the bulk-handling segment, Goodtech has built up a unique knowledge and experience platform.  The Portabulk® System can be utilised to receive, fetch, move, mix, fill, transport, store, distribute and track materials through the value chain.

Goodtech can provide assistance to customers throughout projects, from initial studies to planning, project management, programming, commissioning, training, after-sales service and support.

Portabulk® Filling Equipment

With a product range comprising equipment for semi- and fully-automated gross- and net-weighing filling applications, Goodtech offers customers a selection of filling lines and accessories fully compatible with Portabulk® FIBCs. The machinery can be further adapted by our experienced technical sales team to suit specific customer requests.

Filling equipment from Goodtech complies with prevailing safety and environmental regulations and filling rates are adaptable in the < 10 - > 100 mt/h range, according to machine, product and FIBC type.