Packaging Machines

Under its Fleximatic Lines brand name, Goodtech develops and builds packaging machines and packing lines for industry. Long experience of handling packaging in various industries enables us to understand our customers' problems and envisage the sequence of production as a whole. With the right equipment, speed of production can be increased, often with reduced manning.

Goodtech resolves all kinds of special assignments in packaging handling and supplies solutions to the food and pharmaceutical industries among others - industries with extremely strict requirements for machinery and production equipment. We also carry out conversion of existing plant for new applications.

Prototypes and special machines are constructed in our own workshop and can therefore be tailored to any kind of special need. Components such as robots are bought from recognised and serious manufacturers.

Well constructed packaging machines, combined with the right cases, mean functional packaging and efficient packing. Goodtech has developed a number of special solutions for customers who use corrugated cardboard cases.

Goodtech's experienced fabricators and engineers are happy to share their knowledge and experience with the customers and can be used as advisers and problem solvers throughout the project period. Effective collaboration throughout the process, from blank sheet of paper to operational production line, means that good solutions are often cheaper.

FlexBiB Bag in box

Goodtech's bag in box packaging machine is developed in conjunction with Glomma Papp. The machine is small, compact, efficient and reasonably priced. Bag in box-packaging is environmentally-friendly, easy to store, provides great exposure options and is well-suited for anything that can be pumped.

Bag in box packaging can be useful in a host of industries. Goodtech has designed a packaging machine for bag in box that makes it possible for small producers to also package items effectively and efficiently.

There are a number of benefits with bag in box packaging. The life of the product can be extended because the packaging is airtight and blocks light, even after it is opened. The packaging is reasonably priced, easy to fill and store, while the large area on the cardboard box provides good options for profiling. Compared to bottles and cans, bag in box packaging results in minimal stockkeeping prior to filling.

Because the packaging is also environmentally friendly and results in reduced transport costs and less waste - the choice is easy!


FlexPacker is a machine for packaging tablets in cardboard boxes or packs inside a transport packaging. When the FlexPacker concept is used, all products will be packed in the same outer packaging.

The telescopic function of the case means that products with heights of 85 to 150 mm can be run in the same packaging.

Our biggest FlexPacker customer is AstraZeneca AB, which has chosen this concept for its packing lines. They run up to 60 different kinds of cardboard boxes in the same packaging. Readjustment time is reduced to a minimum and logistics are improved, since the packaging is the same for all products.

FlexPacker can pack up to 500 cardboard boxes a minute.


The FlexSealer was supplied to Norgesspiker in Ålesund. The principle of this machine can also be integrated into other solutions.

Users of FlexSealer include Fresenius Kabi Norge AS, Stabburet AS and Letti AS.

Wraparound Compact

Wraparound Compact is a small wraparound machine that takes up a minimum of space in production.

Wraparound Compact can run cases with base dimensions of up to 300 x 400 mm. The machine can be supplied for running with internal or external glue flaps.
Capacity: 10 - 12 cases a minute.

Users of Wraparound Compact include Stabburet AS, Maritim Food AS, Spis Grilstad AS, Ås Produksjonsapotek AS, Sætre Kjeksfabrikk AS and Børset Bakeri AS.


Goodtech has developed a new, flexible wraparound machine. FlexWrapper has high reliability, good capacity and a great deal of flexibility. The machine can pack all kinds of products and can be located in most environments.

FlexWrapper is very flexible when it comes to readjustment between two case formats. Readjustment is automatic and is controlled with the aid of menu selection on the operator panel.

The machine is entirely made of surface-treated stainless steel and anodised aluminium and has an aesthetic and functional design. Great emphasis has been placed on screening all the machine's vital components against potential dirt and mess.

The machine can also be supplied with its own palleting unit developed by Goodtech.

Robot Palletizing

Goodtech offers complete solutions for robot palletizing. Flexibility, high capacity and easy changeovers to new products are some of the benefits. A range of different robot sizes and numbers of axes adapted to the needs and capacities. Individual grippers adapted as needed. Goodtech also delivers multi-functional tools that also handles pallet.

FlexPalletizer - helautomatisert palleterer

Goodtech has developed a fully automated palletizer, which adapts to the requirements of the food industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The FlexPalletizer is very flexible and fits into any production businesses with stringent cleaning requirements.

FlexPalletizer meets GMP requirements of international pharmaceutical companies. The reorganization takes place fully automatically and controlled by means of menu choices in the operator panel.

FlexPalletizer is entirely composed of surface-treated stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and has an esthetic and functional design.

FlexPalletizer can palletized most types of boxes. The products are moved in the xyz paragraph using four linear modules for large torques and speeds in terms of reliability.


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