Goodtech has a workshop in Arvika that specialises in cutting work for lego production. The equipment consists of modern computer-controlled machines (CNC) for performing turning, cutting, milling, drilling and welding operations. The workshop undertakes one-off production and series production.

The workshop's specialist area is the machining of parts for heavy vehicles with a strict quality requirement, such as for wheel loaders and dump trucks. The workshop also serves major customers in the mining and workshop industries, as well as producing components and parts for Goodtech's own deliveries of industrial and environmental technology.

Goodtech's strengths are reliable delivery, great flexibility, good quality, expert personnel and a substantial range of machinery. Using the fleet of mobile machines, assignments such as finishing, assembly, final adjustment and commissioning of special machines can easily be carried out at the customer's premises.

The area of expertise in special machines includes assembly and fitting, control and finishing, including hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics and automated solutions.

Goodtech uses modern CAD tools for construction and production. For customers who do not have drawings of products, we provide the technology to convert the product to a suitable CAD format.


Johan Håkansson

Man. director Goodtech Solutions Manufacturing AB

+46 70 571 2093