Biogas Systems

Goodtech acts as total supplier for biogas projects and can supply systems for receiving and treating organic waste, hygienisation, gas production, gas purification, heat recovery and treatment of decomposition residues. We also provide solutions for modernising and improving the efficiency of existing systems.

Goodtech biogass system

Biogas is an important alternative energy source, regardless of whether it is used for heat or electricity production or upgraded for use as vehicle fuel. Goodtech's systems are very reliable and can give a very good energy balance through efficient utilisation of organic material.

Goodtech has particular expertise in the pre-treatment process, which is vital for achieving the optimum production of biogas. Our Kobix® technology, which we have developed in house, can handle most kinds of liquid and solid waste from households, slaughterhouses, agriculture, industry, dairies and retail distribution. The system sorts out unwanted material and fulfils legal requirements, so that waste can then be used as biological fertiliser.

Goodtech's heat exchangers for sludge and water make biogas systems more efficient and give lower energy costs. Our heat exchangers have been made using the benefit of many years of experience. A high degree of efficiency and optimum adaptation to the system's particular conditions focuses the effectiveness of digester heating, hygienisation and the cooling of digester sludge.

The REBIX purification system is Goodtech's solution for the effective and eco-friendly purification of material that will be used to produce biogas. The cleaned material is crushed and finely ground before being pumped or transported to the digester tank. Goodtech also supplies conventional systems consisting of grids, worm conveyors and treatment processes.

Goodtech supplies heat recovery systems that can extract considerable quantities of heat from the sludge during the process of putrefaction. The slow cooling of sludge during the process of putrefaction gives substantial environmental benefits. The risk of methane emissions and bad odours is avoided. Recovered heat is used to heat the digesters.


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