Process safety

Goodtech's offer within process safety focus on safety issues within industrial systems. A safety inspection of your system before and during construction can reveal options for major financial savings.

An examination of the flow and electrical diagram before construction can allow us to find faults and prevent them from being built into the system, avoiding huge costs for reconstruction.

Goodtech works, among other things, with SIL and EX classification in order to assess safety-critical instrument functions and to identify areas where there is a risk of an explosive atmosphere forming. We can also check conformity with the EMC Directive, an obligatory requirement for CE marking in Europe and for an increasing number of products in countries outside the EU, such as Japan, the USA and the Middle East.



Our automation engineers have extensive experience of quality systems such as GMP, GAMP, EMC/disruption protection, EX environment, EL authorisation, the Machinery Directive and SIL classification.