Industrial IT

Goodtech's management system links the business system with process control, which provides our customers with an interface for all the business systems and third-party systems (e.g. maintenance systems) used within the business.

Nowadays, the demands on regulation, control, planning and optimisation of production are increasing. Our management systems provide our customers with a powerful tool for controllers, production planners, process operators and for the sales department.

Official bodies and customers are making increasing demands for traceability. Management systems provide access to total traceability throughout the process, from inbound delivery to outbound delivery. This makes it simple, for instance, to trace a complaint back, from the delivering vehicle all the way back to the machine that manufactured the product. Everything can be analysed, from incoming raw materials to exactly when the manufacturing took place.

Our automation engineers have a broad range of expertise within MES and OEE.



Magne Reiersson

+47 901 06 277


IMS PDP Support

  • Installation, maintenace, monitoring and upgrade of
    • Aspentech IP21 databases
    • Äspentech software
  • Tag configuration, including calculations
  • Access control
  • Data transport to and from partners
  • Support for reports, process graphics etc.
  • Process Data Portal (PDP)
  • PDP software
  • Customer support