We deliver proprietary technologies and customized solutions


With extensive experience of most industries and systems, we can choose the optimum technical solution for our customers. With our innovative automation solutions, your company will see a quicker return thanks to increased efficiency and competitiveness.

We design and supply everything from turnkey systems to conversion and modernisation of existing systems. We have extensive experience of automation within many areas, everything from mines and steelworks, paper and pulp factories to signalling systems for infrastructure, as well as logistics solutions, production and power and heating distribution, as well as gas and oil. Naturally, we can also take care of your needs for operation, servicing and support.

In terms of projects, we are manufacturer-independent, which means that we can always supply the best automation solution for our customers. Our project model has been adapted for active participation from our customers, which leads to improved availability for our clients in terms of production and maintenance, as well as a quicker return on investment.