Greve Biogass

Grenland and Vestfold Biogas AS (Greve Biogas)

Goodtech has delivered the biogas part to "The Magic Factory" which VEAS calls its new biogas plant in Vestfold. The plant at Greve Biogas is special as warming occurs via heat pumps. From Greve Biogas’ website we can read the following:

By using animal manure and food waste in The Magic Factory, the plant contributes to significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. In addition to climate-friendly biocas the plant also produce valuable organic fertilizer for the production of new food. Cooperation with agriculture is unique. It has given the plant status as a national biogas pilot. Agriculture and Food Miniser Listhaug visited the plant in November.

The plant has the status as a national pilot plant, because of this integration with agriculture. Already in 2016 the The Magic Factory will reach the government's goal of 30% of all livestock manure to be used for biogas production by 2020.

Goodtech has delivered biogas plants for more than 10 years throughout the Nordic region.


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