Alere Technologies AS

Another delivery of a WA machine

Goodtech has delivered several ’WA’ machines (wrap around) to the pharmaceutical industry in Norway. Alere Technologies AS in Oslo selected Goodtech in Moss as the supplier of their two new fully-automated packaging lines for Alere ’point-of-care’ products.

Many good features

Both lines are equipped with Goodtech’s standard, compact WA machines for packaging of Alere’s point-of-care products in wraparound cases. Both lines include labelling and checking stations. In addition to labelling, any faults in the cases are detected and rejects are removed.

Robot from Goodtech

A conveyor system links the WA machines with Goodtech’s robot-controlled palletizing plant. The robot has two reception positions and palletizes on two different pallet stations. It retrieves a new pallet from the empty pallet stack. With current capacity, pallet changing is performed manually using a pallet truck. The system sends a signal when full pallets are to be fetched and empty pallets are to be filled.


Stein Gunnar Holter

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