HSE and Quality


Goodtech should be a safe workplace where HSE is a focus area. We have a zero vision for injuries and accidents. We believe that all accidents can be avoided by establishing good routines, compliance and ensuring continuous improvement in accordance with established requirements and goals. All applicable laws and regulations in the area must be followed. Health, safety and environment (HSE) should be an integrated part of Goodtech's business operations.

We will:

  • Work systematically with HSE
  • Continuously imrpove the syhstem that ensures that all HSE laws and regulations are kept
  • Ensure management engagement and commitment to HSE improvements
  • Make sure everyone contributes to creating a good HSE culture
  • Work on choosing suppliers who share our zero vision and live up to our requirements for HSE.


Our cooperation with customers is based on long-term and mutual trust. To achieve this we will have a strong focus on our values:

Goodtech values

Goodtech has a management system that can be easily customized and project customized. The system is approved under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We also have approval to work in the oil and gas industry and power industry in that we have pre-qualification certificates Achilles and Sellihca.


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Business Concept

We develop and supply projects, services and products for industry, energy, the environment and infrastructure that create value for our customers