Goodtech shall operate business-related activity of a high ethical standard, based on open and honest competition. We shall have an open culture and discuss ethical dilemmas with the employees on a regular basis.

A code of conduct is important for creating trust, loyalty and responsible behaviour in Goodtech.

In addition, the code of conduct shall protect Goodtech, the employees and employee representatives against accusations relating to unethical behaviour.

These guidelines shall also prevent violations of the law and negative financial, legal or reputation-related consequences for Goodtech.

All employees and all others who represent Goodtech shall:

  • Act with integrity and take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Be honest and straightforward with everyone you are in contact with.
  • Follow laws and rules in every connection, and have zero tolerance for:
    • corruption and bribes
    • money laundering, undeclared work and illegal work
    • breeches of human rights and discrimination
  • Be loyal to Goodtech and always act in Goodtech’s best interests.
  • Follow Goodtech’s code of conduct and the internal instructions that are provided for the work that is being carried out.
  • Notify immediately in the event of suspicion relating to violations of the law and industry standards, as well as violations of guidelines both in Goodtech and at our clients, partners or suppliers.


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