Under its well-known Portabulk® brand name, Goodtech supplies complete systems for bulk materials’ management and logistics. The Portabulk® system's flexible solutions for handling, filling, conveyance, labelling, transport and storage make it possible to optimise the entire distribution chain from raw materials’ intake to delivering packed goods to the end customer.

The Portabulk® system is based on the “Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container” (FIBC), which can be used for a wide variety of free-flowing bulk materials.

Starting in the nineties and to customers in most parts of the world, Goodtech has delivered over 160 dedicated equipment projects to leading producers of chemicals, plastics, minerals, fish and animal feeds, fertiliser, salt and similar free-flowing products.

The Portabulk® system is modular, scalable and user friendly and has been developed with the intention of transporting bulk products through the entire distribution chain, efficiently, economically and safely.

Optimised unit weight in the package, customised equipment design and efficient filling and handling give the customer greater utilisation of capacity, more flexible logistics and lower transport costs.

Working for more than 20 years in the bulk-handling segment, Goodtech has built up a unique knowledge and experience in utilizing its technology to receive and store, fetch, move, mix, fill, transport, store, distribute and track bulk materials. We can provide assistance to our customers throughout projects, from initial studies to planning, project management, implementation, training, service and support.

Portabulk® Filling Equipment

With a product range comprising equipment for net, gross and automated filling applications, we offer customers a selection of filling lines and accessories fully compatible with Portabulk® FIBCs. The machinery can be further adapted by our experienced technical sales team to suit specific customer requests.

Filling equipment from Goodtech complies with prevailing safety and environmental regulations and filling rates can exceed 100mt/h according to machine, product and FIBC type.

Portabulk® Handling Equipment

A variety of lifting equipment models, all compatible with Portabulk® FIBCs, has been designed for fork-lift trucks, cranes and front loader applications.

Certain key features characterise this equipment range such as lifting efficiency, adaptabilty to standard industrial vehicles, easy-fit attachment and, importantly in handling flexible packaging, no protruding edges.

Portabulk® CML

Goodtech provides complete logistics solutions from the intake and conveying of bulk material to temporary storage, or directly to the manual, semiautomatic or automatic filling of packaging products, including integrated handling, labelling and traceability of packed materials to storage and shipment through to the end user.

For several reasons, Coding, Marking and Labelling (CML) has become increasingly important in the materials handling value chain. Examples include the growing focus by national and regional authorities on legislation governing food and nutrients. The area can gain significantly from industry's systematic application of CML, including the declaration of the goods, identification of the producer, branding and reforwarding information to customers, warehouse management, and also as a vital instrument for tracking and tracing materials from manufacture to final utilisation.

From our broad experience with ink jet printers and labelling systems for FIBCs, we are able to provide solutions to accompany Portabulk® equipment plant as an integrated part of a total materials handling investment or, if preferred, as a stand-alone CML project.

Portabulk® IT

Portabulk® IT is a module based information system that adds value to customer’s production and material handling operations and provides support to the total internal logistics process, from the intake of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods. At the same time, introducing the module can lead to a reduction of manual intervention between stand-alone systems.


Utilizing/adapting Portabulk® IT means adding a platform comprising independent Industrial IT systems with built-in functionality in standard modules. This will bring maximum cost efficiency in the techniques applied in the receipt and storage, collection, conveyance, blending, screening, filling, transporting, secondary storage, distribution and tracking the  bulk materials flow. The modular concept of Portabulk® IT provides operations with the possibilities to select and adapt project functionality according to varying user requirements. See also our brochure Portabulk® IT by Goodtech

Portabulk® Terminals

By providing complete logistics solutions, Goodtech’s overall objective is:

To transport bulk materials or FIBCs through the distribution chain to customers efficiently, economically, with minimized handling operations and with optimised safety.

In a terminal setting, we know that every time customers convey materials to and from warehouses or transports and ships the bulk material or the FIBC - cost is invariably added to the bottom line.

Therefore, our deep-seated knowledge of materials’ handling can provide vital inputs in terminal design and operations. This includes the calculation of bulk capacities, inputs for designing buildings for sheds and bays, re-locatable tent storage possibilities, optimized stacking patterns, selection of correct handling equipment etc.